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Eastern medicine and neuromuscular sports massage therapy is available for you to release pain, improve mobility, reduce stress, and shift out of the feeling of being in fight or flight.


Client Experiences

“I had only been sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night due to pain and I slept 6 hours after one treatment for the first time in years.”

– Kimberly Paoletti

“As a physician, I turn to Matthew to fill the gaps that modern medicine does not know how to address, and I try to implement what I learn from him into my practice. He is definitely a gifted healer who knows how to harness his own energy and relay that to others.”

Mamina Turegano, MD

“I had neck, hip and back injuries such that I just wanted to be able to move without pain. I thought I was going to be in a wheelchair. Over the course of treatment, I not only am walking pain-free but have reconnected spiritually with myself. Matthew is very knowledgeable on how to FIX what is wrong, but during the fixing, he has opened blocked pathways enabling healing to all areas of my body and spirit.”

C. Becnel

“The two-hour workshops are educational and each one focuses on a different topic. Not simply meditations, Matthew offers feedback throughout the session and allows time for questions and member input. Even better, Matthew’s wife Lisa is a doctor and explains the “western” and scientific perspective to things such as the organs, meridians, and energy work.”

Lindsay White

“It’s truly changing my life and body to a new and more healthy me. I’ve even stopped smoking.”

Michelle Silva 

“I am physically active, and the energy and bodywork allow me to perform at peak levels as well as improves my mood and mental clarity.”

Renee Keiser

“He helped me solve sciatica and lower pain so that I am walking and dancing again. The bodywork he does incorporates orthopedic science with eastern energy work.”

Casey DeMoss

“We had Matthew come into our corporate event to help the business leaders in our organization help manage stress and anxiety.”

Anuj G.

“I was diagnosed with bells palsy, my face was paralyzed and could hardly talk. A friend suggested that I see Matthew and he was a lifesaver! I had 2 sessions with him and I’m back to normal.”

Gary Angelette

“I saw Matthew for a prostate issue I was having. After he worked on my muscles and meridians, within a few days it cleared up. He also helped me with my diet. He was very thorough, professional, and compassionate.”

Frank Trupiano

“I have been living with persistent shoulder pains for a year and a half now and have lost full range in usage. And only after one healing session I have gained full mobility without pain. Thank You.”

Jon Gilleres 

“In shamanic ceremonies, a shaman acts as a guide for an inexperienced adept to not get lost. I did not know that same applies to meditation, if the teacher does his work well, the student goes to that inner world fast.”

– Marta Brik

“My job can be very demanding and stressful at times. Matthew helped my body release much of the stress and tension I was experiencing. He also taught me how to work with my body’s energies to regulate my thyroid.” 

– Elizabeth Wellman

“He is especially adept at helping release trauma stored in the body and has a great working knowledge of human anatomy. He has also been really helpful in helping me get to the root of my lower back pain. If the wellness of mind, body, and spirit is what you are seeking, I highly recommend his services.”

-Tara Cummings

“I am always mystified at how he can always transform my mood and energy to a more pleasant state.”

-Wendy White

“I had crippling back pain every day. Matthew has helped that improve every time I go to him. So many things are better. I walk better. My breathing is better. My shoulders and neck and on and on. Matthew is a true healer. His energy is amazing. You have to be patient and give yourself to him He will not disappoint!!”

– Mary Schoen

Matthew has helped me tremendously with various health issues. I have suffered from severe migraines/headaches for well over 10 years and now I barely get any. My blood pressure was 180/100 when I started seeing Matthew and now it stays around 116/68. I’m taking a lot less medication because things are improving. His personality and energy are great! He is an excellent healer!

-Christy Colson

Matthew is amazing. With four sessions, he released a shoulder that had been frozen for 13 years. I have a neurological condition that causes my muscles to harden and become inflexible. Matthew’s skilled, instinctive hands have yielded results I have doggedly sought for 15 years.

-Ann Bruce

I broke my toe about 5 years ago and the pain spiraled throughout my right foot and leg. This pain was impacting my every day life. After my very first visit to Matthew, I immediately felt the difference!!! I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt. Matthew is a gem!

-Brittany Burns

 Just through one group meditation on emotions, I was able to leap frog months, if not years of work dealing with my anger and other emotions. Matthew, through his body and energy work, also did more for me in one session unlocking my tight calves than weeks of physical therapy had been able to accomplish.

-Pam Russell

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