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Are you ready for some Relief and Harmony?

We offer solutions to achieve this with our Massage-Bodywork services.  

Relief and Harmony are achieved specifically from the combination of Eastern Bodywork Medicine and Neuromuscular Sports Injury Massage 

The medicine in Eastern Bodywork and Neuromuscular Sports Injury Massage is derived from Pure Energy-Chi Healing Techniques

What you need to know about each session and these services.

Knowledge For Before You Arrive.

*You will keep your clothes on as sessions do not require the removal of clothes.

* Avoid wearing jeans or articles of clothing with unnecessary buttons or zippers.

*Feel free to dress comfortably in athletic shorts or pants. 

*If you are new please arrive five minutes before your scheduled time to fill out paperwork.

*Bringing your open mind, allowing yourself to relax, and expecting change for the better yields additional results.

*Hydration helps the body to open, so drink plenty of water days before and after each session.

Knowledge About After Your Session.

*Give yourself time to rest and integrate the work. Once you pass through a REM cycle (deep sleep) your body starts to absorb the energy and changes. Therefore if you need to or can nap before bed if needed, it is a good idea.

*It is recommended not to drink alcohol within twenty-four hours of your session. Why? Adding toxins to the release of internal toxins is not likely what you wish to accomplish, therefore waiting is a better option. 

*A hot bath and a slow walk are greatly helpful after a session if appropriate.

Note: *Full session rate may be charged if 24-hour notice is not received to reschedule or cancel.*

Sessions rates start from $125 per hour 

Jessica in this video shares her experience.

Learn More About 

Neuromuscular Sports Injury Massage Therapy

Neuromuscular bodywork is the re-education or re-training of the muscles, the brain, and the nerves used to communicate amongst each other to improve movement, strength, balance, and function.

The parasympathetic nervous system strengthens when the sympathetic nervous system is properly functioning.

Results from quality neuromuscular massage and bodywork create a healthy sympathetic nervous system and support a more productive life.

Neuromuscular Sports Injury Massage exists to improve function, mobility, and performance for athletes. 

Neuromuscular massage is available for all people of all ages, having any issues functioning.