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Eastern Medicine

The East has been doing it for centuries, that is, healing their people.

At the base of eastern medicine is chi or energy, a connection to the heavens and earth magnetism.  

Eastern medicine practice techniques are paths to enlightenment.  The higher your vibration the more knowledge you can attain and healing you can experience.

There are several ways to advance your chi or energy.

Establishing the practices needed to generate the long term cultivation of chi is usually attained from a teacher and sought after by most through books.

The practitioner slowly builds their chi through personal practices and providing healing services.

Once cultivated to a certain degree, it is possible to become a healing avenue for oneself and others.

Cultivating and applying the healing arts provides new knowledge for the client themselves as well as the practitioner.

Pure energy-chi healing techniques are the result of knowledge passed down to a cultivated chi practitioner from a higher-level teacher.

To learn the ultimate practices for a lifetime of longevity, self-exploration, balance, and cultivation, you can contact our team.  However, you will have to do the work.

The end goal is to learn how to flow your chi-energy and serve the world accordingly.

If you wish to increase the vibration in your life, it takes time.

If you are willing, it is possible to create for yourself abundance whereas time becomes less important.

To explore this option, visit Life Coaching and Relationship Services.

Chi is energy and energy is life.  Energy flow aka Chi flow coaching covers all areas of your life to create the maximum flow as you learn to cultivate and build your energy bank. 

Higher Purpose Healing® Eastern Medicine Applications

Because eastern medicine needs a platform to perform healing,

Eastern Bodywork is the catalyst and framework we use. 

Eastern medicine blends into Eastern Bodywork via energy resulting in the release of tension, anger, stress, and pain from the mind and body. 

Neuromuscular sports injury massage is the other framework. All three blend together and bridge eastern and western modalities.

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to book a session, click here.

Eastern Medicine Modalities

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian, and Indian modalities.

Eastern Bodywork

Massage and Bodywork

Massage and bodywork sessions using energy, create prosperity inside that leads to deeper states of real-being.

Eastern medicine offers preventative and restorative care for children, adults, and the elderly.  

You can achieve balance, relief, and peace with patience and persistence in healing with the help of our massage and bodywork services.

Healing Modalities

Massage-bodywork sessions include some combination of the following; conscious and intuitive healing, healing-touch, kinesiology, acupressure, meridians of the body, chi, heaven, and earth energy, structural alignment, AMMA, vibrational techniques, reflexology, polarity, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral, meditation techniques, reiki, shamanism, Jin Shin Jyutsu, sound healing, and chakra healing.