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 What day is it? Father’s Day.

The role of a father is to create leaders of children. 

The prerequisite for this reality to manifest is the need of the father to first himself journey past the ego’s control. To evolve, study, contemplate, stand for truth, arriving into self-mastery.

By example alone, the child will learn to lead him or herself.

To influence a child’s life positively is the value a good male role model has as a father or dad.

In our culture, the amount of influence a male should have in rearing is debatable. Even so, with the reality of males today, one thing remains. 

The need for good male role models is necessary.

Where chivalry and safety from a good male prevails, children will see the light and hope will be given. 

Every child has one Father. However, children can grow up knowing multiple dads. The variety can provide attributes from more loving, to amazing providers, psychological sound dads, or just physically present. 

Dads can be teachers, neighbors, uncles, or other sources of exposure to excellent human potential.  

Where there is the opportunity to lead with love and respect as a dad, the world’s children will know freedom. These children can then become a continuation of the same.  

To the children and men born into less than ideal circumstances, be blessed and be the flower, that rises from the concrete.  

Self-made leaders can create change so that history can remain in history. And a new wave can rise.  

To the men who drive the power for good, may loving support find you and to you, a Happy Fathers Day, everyday!