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How to strengthen your immune system with your mind, body, sleep, supplements and nutrition.

Your immune system is designed to keep you alive, so why isn’t it working?

Currently, we do not have a cure for the common cold; however, we know what to do to recover. 

We can be responsible for our own health. 

The good news is there are many ways to improve your immune system yourself. 

We can die if we get sick with certain diseases, yes. We are going to die anyway.  Until that time, why not use the mind to create the best health, you can both mentally and physically.

There is something in all of us given a chance to shine that illuminates our higher purpose.  

To be of service, love, and expand our minds into greatness is a higher purpose.  

Each person has their ability to strengthen their immune system. We can all act preventatively to build the immune system and improve our chances in the early stages of any disease.  There are ways you may not have considered to address diseases, illnesses, and viruses that do not always involve human-made medication. 

There is a wealth of information inside us all. We have enough to go on to trust ourselves, but individual entities think an entire nation isn’t smart enough.  

Love COVID-19

The immune system responds to what we think. 

Illnesses fundamentally begin from perspective and thoughts.  

To question is to learn.  To research, the answers are to discern.  To accept the story for the sake of mental ease is to wash away your choices. 

Love COVID-19

I want to reference a TED Talk on how a doctor was still able to be healed after all options were exhausted.  She went from being in a wheelchair to studying the placebo effect and treating herself successfully, after being denied last-minute an experimental surgery option.

She would not accept her diagnosis as the end.  The TED Talk she gave standing up and recovered is no longer on the internet, or at least I can not re-locate it.  

In addition to the mental component, there are physical actions you can take to help strengthen your immune system.  

With our immune system’s ability to fight off infection, disease, viruses, etc. most illnesses can be overcome. Getting sick is one way to strengthen and check the strength of your immune system’s ability to fight back. 

The blind man cannot see the sun; however, he can feel it; therefore, he knows it exists.  

Love COVID-19

Humans can feel when they do not feel right or well; however, if the human condition is to believe being sick is the end, their mind goes faster to the end of their story.  

No one has the right to put an expiration date on another person. 

If we are in the business of healing, for those entities out there that claim to be caring for the health of others, then more people should be getting well and less harmed by the process of healing. 

It is easy to kill; however, it is hard to keep people alive.  It is work. If the current system of healing is not working well, then new knowledge and methods are needed.  

Nature always has and will always prevail.  Long after man has gone, should that be the destiny, life will persist. Human nature is to survive. 

Nature has all the solutions; however, society at large knows nothing of this. The one good thing from this world causality is that some people are getting outside where natural healing happens. A friend posted on social media that the local golf course should remain a green space because people are flocking there to relax.  

Our nature is to relax and enjoy life, not work as slaves, and scramble for fake foundations accepted as the norm. So yes, people can return to their fundamental nature of healing, and the environment to do it is in life’s offerings, outside. 

Freedom is the ability to move about to enjoy the health we have.  

Love COVID-19

There requires first a mass shift in conscious connection to a higher purpose. Burn the evil that visits in hopes of controlling your being by illuminating the internal self.  

There are family, friends, strangers, and evil. Yes, evil does exist.  We focus on love and live in the light. 

Service provided for others must come after the self has been cared for and cultivated.  The knowledge we learn, and as adults, our health becomes earned because we work ourselves into stress balls disconnected from our bodies and minds.

We are here to share the experience that brings forward your internal well of health.  To help you become aware of how to build the health you deserve. 

Believe what you will and for God’s sake have the will to believe. 

There is something in all of us, given a chance to shine, that is, the higher purpose of existing.  

Love COVID-19

That is to be of service and expand ourselves into greatness.  

In school, you learn what they teach.  What you also learn is how to fit in and function in society.  However, today society is rapidly changing. There is no going back.  The question is, who wants to go forward and create something different?

To return to life, as usual, is to remain the lemming you once were. Pretending the wool has not been pulled over your eyes will make the next phase of life more painful.   

The school of learning must be from inside.  How to feel your power? I am not talking about random emotions and passing thoughts.  

We are talking about how to flow and access more than you have come to accept.  

As seekers of good, light, knowledge, and love, we have become resources for those who want to walk in the shallow waters that reflect truth and who are ready to swim in the depths of reality-based love.  

Truth is relative to a changing perspective for those with open minds and who continually seek.  Some truths, however, are universal.  

Principles to move the ship into stormy weather and reach the destiny intact, perhaps a little shook up; however, these principles serve us like a map. 

What the news promotes becomes expected, and this becomes part of the process of anchoring our position in life.  Because it works, it can seem safe. Over time it calcifies the person into something like coral in the ocean, ready to be broken off temporarily housing the comfort of others in the process. 

If we teach ourselves by experience, and by questioning, then verifying, the decision to anchor for rest, food, or to provide service, life has a different meaning.  Your ship has a purpose.  

Love COVID-19

Control yourself and what happens in your body and mind, and the gears will start to turn for the higher purpose you have inside.  The more gears working together, the less bullshit can be left on your doorstep that you won’t recognize.  

The controversy is part of life, just like opinions, ideas, and solutions.  What does not kill us makes us stronger. What opens the mind and body and creates space needed to move around are solutions.  What restricts us compresses the very essence of our life-line, our organs.  

May the collective orchestra of organs inside us all play the notes of truth and flow into the verse of our song it belongs.  As a collective, let us find the place in a field of green where love rules.  

The relationship with your mind must become conscious until you become the completed light you are inside.  

Become awake.