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Steps in life to higher consciousness.

Are these steps to higher consciousness available for everyone?

The steps in life to higher consciousness as described here help lead to enlightened states of being. Steps to emanate light and love for the sake of others.
Everyone on this planet has their reasons for being here and no two people are alike.  Accessing a higher consciousness is for those who seek with a true heart-felt love for humanity.  

What does it mean to see the light? 

In all things related to healing, there are layers in the invisible staircase steps that comprise a rise to higher consciousness.

What does this mean, the invisible staircase?

The invisible staircase is a continuum of perspective changes that allow the individual to grow and expand awareness with each step taken. All answers reside in the heart.  

How many steps make up the staircase, and how many steps are required to make it to the next floor or level of understanding?

Analogous to spiritually growing, one step could be considered more prominent than a dozen steps on the Great Wall of China. Walking quickly, let alone running these steps for a distance, would be an incredible feat. Steps of the Great Wall of China are on average more than double the height of steps in the U.S.

The steps of life

A journey through any-one step as it applies to growing and healing takes time.
The slower, the better.
The layers within each step are more important than completing the staged step itself. To understand the stages is to understand each pebble or part that makes up the constructed step.
Moving too fast over a step results in an inevitable return, to gain the stability lacking within the lessons for that step.
Reading about things is not enough. Hearing about something is also not enough. Experience in something must be repeated, washed, and repeated for clarity.
Repetition is the mother of learning.
Over time, student learning yields a solid stepping on what cannot be seen by others, let alone fully explained to the layman.
In the United States, we are shown the commercialized way of learning and not often the old ways or the old ways of learning.

My love for the journey to higher consciounsess 

To truly take the steps in life and journey into one’s process of refinement, loving it and yourself must be present at all times. Seekers can turn their addictions in life off in their heads, and the replacement is the love for the journey.
My love for the journey became profound; however, I did not deeply understand each step until years later.
The layers to the seemingly infinite steps slowed down the further I went along my path. I returned many times to understand more of what I missed was welcomed, and as a result, things became continually clear.
It was always like this. More than just the version of hindsight being twenty-twenty, it was one ah-ha after the other.
The ah-ha factor is ever-present as the journey becomes about everyone. Inside development eventually seeing out allows for every situation to teach. Everyone is involved, even if not directly involved. The choice becomes yours.
With love comes wisdom. And with fortune, the old ways arrive.
It is my fortune and privilege to learn from those few I have encountered on my path, teaching me the old ways. 


We all come into this life with a gift or gifts. Such journeys in life aim to unveil and renew the skills. And with that discovery and uncovering, the advantages are meant to share in the world.
What comes through you, you must discover in layers to walk the invisible staircase in time, one step at a time.
Nothing of the material kind can be a replacement for the individual’s gift(s). Conveniences or tools to provide services they are at best. Comforts can be shared to renew our abilities to go further on the path.
So who is it that the path is waiting for from which a journey can begin?
The people who are ready to begin the journey are those who seek. Those asleep will not understand.
It is the job of those who choose to open the magic inside to become light shared for the viewing, bringing hope that there is more and too many a surprise knock on the proverbial door.
When is the time to begin the journey?
As often is the answer to when is a good time to take steps in life to higher consciousness, in all things to be learned, the answer is the same.
Now is an excellent time to begin.
At first, all of the signs on the way to enter the awakened states’ journey can seem nebulous or exhausting.
What code and confusion are this that is heard and read, one might say starting? It can be a lot to assimilate and even more to overcome.
The glue to the many ways, pieces, and layers in growth becomes understood through the how.
How does one come to understand steps?
To live it, experience it, and pebble by pebble, understand how to build the invisible step’s visibility from which you can then move.

Moving On

In the beginning, there was movement. And so it is with this movement that creation became. It was moving on from the past of the mind to the being-ness of the moment.
The trigger is the environment, and the practiced tools provide the built-in awareness to un-cock the hammer. These steps in life lead to a feeling of internal peace.
I took the picture in this blog of the beach the morning of the first day of vacation on February 16, 2021 (Mardi Gras in New Orleans), except we were in Florida.
There was steam on the ocean, super cold out (28 degrees Fahrenheit), and the sun peeking through the clouds of an overcast day. I did not see the blue lights in the camera lens at the time I took it. Only in review from inside was it noticed such a magical and beautiful addition.
For me, these things are seen as remarkable, and yet just as they are, no attachment. I experienced awe for what it is and gratitude for the supernatural in the picture shared with me. So I share it with you. Does it have meaning? Doesn’t everything?

The Lessons

The lessons are the magic as the sunset or sunrise grabs your soul for the fill of deeper meaning at the moment. The life lessons are such a wonder, and unto themselves, you did not see them earlier.


Steps in life

The lessons along the journey are yours should you learn them. They are part of your story. The pieces or “layers” are what make the step whole, solid, and stable.
A woman once said to her husband, “I can not live in that house unless you build me a glass staircase.” That would make up for what the house lacked as she did not want to live there.
The steps, or stairs, could not make up for what the house lacked. Fortunately, the husband did not keep the house or build the glass stairs.
However, the actual house has to do with your process and inner dwelling apart from your taste and style choices. Some choose to live on the surface, having read a lot to share what seems to be knowledge and fail to begin their journey in place of the rat race.
One cannot avoid the lessons, and there is no shame in enjoying the finer things in life. Buddha grew up with such fortunes. However, even he chose the path of poverty to balance the scales and understand balance amongst the whole wide world.
The lessons are the extraction of living at the ends of reality and finding a balance between the possibilities. I do not believe in bi-polar as a diagnosis because I know too much about Eastern medicine. I think in harmony in the mind and body and that it is, in fact, possible.
Yet when the mind goes too far in the wrong direction for too long, it is a challenge to return. It takes an act of God.
And these lessons are the most profound. Whether sent through a healer and messenger or from the source directly, it requires a higher duty. I was fortunate in my life to receive such assistance, thus my knowledge of the topic.
Now we can then see that experience is the master and not the man. It is the path of seeking that drives the bus, and the journey is longer than they make them.
So when out and about in the world of healing, take not any answer as thy direction. The days are short in time, and the lessons can be harsh if the focus is not clear.

Steps in life to higher consciousness

One step at a time. One layer at a time. One pebble at a time.
Keep with you the mustard seed for faith and the attitude to accompany such blindsight. In the end, everything will be alright. And if it is not alright, it is not the end.
Perhaps it will be the beginning of your profound journey. You may even have the fortune to find the precise direction of the old ways bathed in love, truth, and what’s right for the whole of humanity.